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Early MinistersSoldiers*and Families South of the Mason/Dixon Line=MS=NC=SC=LA=TX.1htm


New Page Title | John Peter Sandel-immigrant htm2 | New Page Title | Early Ministers-Soldiers-Families htm | early ministers below the mason dixon linehm2 | Early Ministers South Of The Mason Dixon Line | Early Ministers | John Peter Sandel Immigrant To SC in 1752 2htm | John Peter Sandel | Genealogical Books 1htm Felder,Sandel-Connerly,Warren,Jackson, Manning, Lincoln,1850 census Sabine LA,Bainbridge County,MS;Early Marriages of Pike County,MS;Italians 1910 census Tangipahoa,LA;Touchtones | family-sandelconnerly;felder,warren,touchtone,williams,lincoln, county/parish- sabine l
early ministers below the mason dixon linehm2