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Early Ministers

Early ministers were important figures in early America.They were the best educated, and they gleaned the news of what was happening in the world as they traveled the often Indian paths on their horses.They were a solace to the bereaved, who often had had a funeral alone, as no minister was in residence.

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Richard Curtis,Sr. Richard Curtis resided in the Natchez District of Mississippi in 1781. Born in Virginia in 1723 he died in the Natchez District on the 10 October or November 1784. He married Phoebe Courtney Jones who was born in Onslow, NC.She was the widow of William Jones. Historical records reveal that he had come with his family on flat boat on the Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to the Natchez District in the year 1780.Both he and his son were Baptist ministers. Children born were: 1. Richard Curtis,Jr. m. Patty 2. Benjamin Curtis 3. Hannah Curtis m. John Courtney 4. Martha Curtis m. John Stampley 5. Jonathan Curtis b. 176- 6. Jemimah Curits b. 1764 m. James Cole,Jr. 7. William Curtis Ref: The of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817.Edited by Charles Owen Johnson.Publisher Edwards Bros.,Inc.,Ann Arbor,Michigan 48104.c1981, by The Order of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817. p. 19

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