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John Peter Sandel-immigrant htm2

John Peter Sandel came to South Carolina December 11, 1752. He and his wife Magdalene were on the ship John and Mary in the port of Charleston, South Carolina.One entry in a list of immigrants' Passengers and Immigration Lists Index 1982-1985 Cumulation page 2630"Peter Sandel"America" 1752-4126 page 218,Wife and one child'.

John Peter Sandel born c 1723 was in the Charleston, South Carolina harbor December 11, 1752. The ship had sailed from Rotterdam,with a stop in Cowes,England prior to sailing for America. John Peter Sandel had his wife Magdalena  with him and one child. This family settled in what was the Orangeburg District, of South Carolina; this was a large area, and not Orangeburg County, as it exists today. John Peter Sandel died c 1783; his burial place or that of his family is not known; however, many families buried their loved ones on their plantation or near their homes. We are fortunate in that this family were members of Rev. John Gissendanner's church in early Orangeburg, and records have survived and are produced in The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina, by A.S. Salley. This volume is in many libraries and even available for sale in many states today. In this book, we are able to ascertain their children. Children born to this couple were John Peter II born in 1752;George Henry born -1755;Elizabeth born in 1758; Catharina Margaret born 1759;  these four are in the book named above. and were christened by Rev. John Gissendanner. The next four children : Anna Maria born 1763;  Maria Elizabeth born 1766; Regina born 1768 and Maria Magdalene born 1770; were all christened at St. John's Lutheran Church in Charleston,South Carolina and records of these christenings were found in microfilm held by the Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah. The couple ,John Peter Sandel and his wife Magdalene, were recipients of fifty acres of land, when they arrived in South Carolina, but eventually had about 10,000 acres of land awarded to them in grants. During the American Revolution ,they were able to give large amounts of forage for the troops, which later they were paid for, by the English government. England was in control of this area for most of their lives there.   Though membership has been established in the Daughters of the American Revolution, the two sons: John Peter II and George Henry Sandel were Loyalists and served in this capacity during the Revolution. Loyalists of course were those persons, who continued to have allegiance to England. Some of the finer more honorable and distinguished persons did bear the name of Loyalists. Since they lost in the war,  many had their land confiscated. John Peter II was killed during the War and money was paid his widow Susan, afterwards. George Henry Sandel left South Carolina and moved to Pike County, Mississippi, which was at that time, still in Amite County-the mother of many southeastern counties of Mississippi. George Henry Sandel was married to Catherine Nobles and their daughter Elizabeth married John Felder, son of Peter Felder, a Revolutionary Soldier; John Felder distinguished himself, as a very devout and consecrated man, and the John Felder Methodist Campground and Campmeeting held annually at Summit, Mississippi is still active and named in his honor.

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