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Early MinistersSoldiers*and Families South of the Mason/Dixon Line=MS=NC=SC=LA=TX.1htm


Genealogy Books.2htm
Genealogy Books.2htm

Order from: Mary Sandel at P.O. Box 707, Roseland,La. 70456 e-mail Please allow (2) weeks for shipping. THANK YOU.

Violet Book, Turning

THE FELDER FAMILY IN SOUTH CAROLINA, MISSISSIPPI, LOUISIANA & TEXAS. NEW INFORMATION ON THE IMMIGRANT HENRY FELDER AND HIS FAMILY, HIS PARENTS AND NATIVE COUNTRY. Also, this book contains the Family Pages from the old John Felder Bible; the campground at Tylertown Mississippi is named for John Felder and is still active with meetings continuing to be held each year FOR OVER A 100 YEARS..A picture of the old John Felder & Elizabeth Sandel Felder home is included; a portion of their old home is contained therein.The McElween family is shown in the front of this structure. This book has a index, a bibliography of sources, it is soft back,spiral bound contains 76pp. $22.00 + $1.25 shipping=$23.25.

LINCOLN MAN OF DESTINY WITH 46 GENEALOGICAL CHARTS compiled by Rev.Elias Wesley Sandel,BA,ME, in Law &  History.  216 pp. Index. Bibliography. Lincolns, their family connections, ministers... $29.50 + $2.50 shipping. Please allow two weeks for shipping

FROM ITALY TO THE UNITED STATES Tangipahoa Parish ,Louisiana. This book was compiled from the 1910 Census has: the entire family,ages & ,in some cases "their allegiance to the United States." Many migrated to cities-Chicago New Orleans,Recently reviewed by Damon Veach of Louisiana Ancestors-column-Advocate-Baton Rouge;Times Picayune-New Orleans(5 August 2001) who said" for those doing research on these families it is a gem."159 pp. $27.50

SABINE PARISH LOUISIANA Sabine Parish the home of TOLEDO BEND-the fishing & hunting capital of Louisiana & beautiful HODGES GARDENS "a garden in a forest.")    EARLY SABINE PARISH, SMALL TOWNS & VILLAGES,c 1973. 1850 Census- Sabine's first(it includes what is no Vernon Parish) Civil War Pensioners soldiers and wives have been added to the 1973 copy. Index.116 pp $27.50 shipping included.

                      JOHN WARREN A Huguenot Connection" John Warren, Revolutionary Soldier, & His Descendants in South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. He had the distinction of being a descendant of Hugenots, who fled their native countries because of religious conviction..He was a descendant of Isaac Dubose and his wife Suzanne Couillandeau II, both being immigrants from France about 1686. Today a railway station has been named in their honor, Jamestown in South Carolina.Warrens, father & son came to Louisiana  after illustrious careers as Soldiers;included is a copy of the tombstone of John Warren II in Sandy Creek, Mississippi just acrosS the Washington Parish, La line..The Perkins family is also noted. John Warren II married Elizabet H Perkins... ...Full index,Bibliography,Soft back, spiral bound.53 pp. It contains a picture of the DAR marked gravestone of John Warren The price is $21.00, which includes shipping. ______________________________

WILLIAMS The Williams Family of Lawrence,Ms & Sampson,NC. Mississippi & Louisiana,allied families of Jordan, Bridges, Boyington,etc..New information recd. in last 5 years. Index. Not a narrative, but RESEARCH of all kinds, from books, censuses, copies of marriage licenses, etc. 187 pp. $33.50, shipping included. ___________________________________________

JACKSONS The Jacksons in Pike Co, Al,also some North & South Carolina research,censuses,Bible records, family connection to MANNINGS, HUGGINS,SEAY in this area. Censuses, research. 109 pp. $25.00, which includes shipping.

BAINBRIDGE COUNTY MS including the 1823 census & a copy of a booklet on the county..Valuable for locating families in early Mississippi. Extant at the end of the year & attached again to Covington & Lawrence,MS. 22 pages $10.00 which includes shipping. ___________________________________________

MANNING The MANNINGS NC,AL of Butler/Pike AL,from NC.toHolmes County FL.Allied families of John T. JACKSON and William HUGGINS family of early Pike, Alabama. 200 pp $35.00 -including shipping. ___________________________________________

THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN PETER SANDEL,IMMIGRANT TO SC (ORANGE- BURG) IN 1752 & CULLEN CONNERLY REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER, with allied families of CONNERLY, TYNES, WARREN, BULLOCK, LEA, LEE, NOBLES, ANSLEY, TABOR,JACKSON, WILKINSON, HERRING AND DUBOSE. Rev. Isaac TABOR was in Texas by 1836 and was Chaplain of the Texas Republic under Gen Sam Houston.Descendants are now in the Daughters of the Texas Republic.He was a Elder in the Methodist Church. Included are Revolutionary Soldiers, Cullen CONNERLY, Fleming TYNES, John WARREN,Sr. & John WARREN,Jr. A HUGUENOT CONNECTION HAS RECENTLY BEEN FOUND IN THE JOHN WARREN FAMILY, ISAAC DUBOSE. ISAAC WAS IN SC BY 1652 WITH HIS WIFE SUZANNE COUILLANDEAU-FRENCH HUGUENOTS.MEMBERSHIP IN THE HUGUENOT SOCIETY INCLUDES THOSE IN ON ISAAC DUBOSE. THIS BOOK HAS MUCH RESEARCH,ESTATE PAPERS,CENSUSES, BIBLE RECORDS & LAND GRANTS. DESCENDANTS OF THESE EARLY FAMILIES MIGRATED TO PIKE COUNTY, MS, TO LOUISIANA AND TO TEXAS. It contains 626 pp., has a full index, soft cover, spiral bound. This book was written by Rev.Elias Wesley Sandel,Sr. BA,ME,+Phd work in History & Law and Mary E Sandel, a researcher for 35 yrs, LSU,Research & Statistics with the Labor Department. Rev. Sandel is deceased. The price is $55.00 + $5.00 shipping. Please send orders to MARY E SANDEL, PO BOX 707, ROSELAND,LA. 70456.& allow 3 weeks for shipping, as these books are run as orders are received.

THE TOUCHTONE FAMILY FROM BARNWELL COUNTY,SC TO LOWDNES,GA. ALLIED FAMILIES ARE STUART/STEWART, SMITH, BOWEN and others. War of 1812 papers on Henry W. TOUCHTONE,SR are included. 56 pp, index,soft back, spiral bound 81/2 x 10 1/2. $20.00 which incudes shipping.

EARLY PIKE COUNTY MISSISSIPPI MARRIAGES from The History of Pike County, Mississippi by Luke Ward Connerly. There are no dates, as the courthouse burned in 1863. 16 pp.8 1/2 x 10 1/2 soft back,spiral bound,$10.00 shipping included.

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