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Early MinistersSoldiers*and Families South of the Mason/Dixon Line=MS=NC=SC=LA=TX.1htm
 Ministers Of The Gospel On the Natchez Trace

Outstanding preachers on the Natchez Trace before 1800, were James Hall of Salisbury District, North Carolina, and Lorenzo Dow of Connecticut. Those going from South Carolina before 1850 were Henry Simmons,Zachariah Reeves,Sr.,Isaac Muse, S.P.Whitten,Francis C. Spraggins,Lewis R. Holloway, Samuel Thigphen,WilliamAllen,ThomasNixon,Stephen Herring, Seyan Mayfield, Frederick Weaver, William W. Nash, William Kitchens, Elias Waddell,Amos Lee, Joseph Robinson, G.W. Boggs,James F.Commander, Frederick Harmon, Enos Fletcher, G.W. Burt, G.H. Brown, Wilson Clark, James Smiley, G.P. Claughton, Lemuel E. Wall, A.B. Lawrence,James Rolin, William Young, William V. Frierson, Thomas C. Stuart, Lewis Ball,Martin Ball, Elijah Browning, V.W. Brock, James N. Caruthers, G.W. Murray, Jonah Seale, Thomas Gore, James Laughridge, Alexander Rembert,Henry L.Sloan, Robert B. Campbell, James C. Tarrant, and James Smith.

This was written and contributed by Janye Conway Garlington Pruitt,who was aiding her cousin, Prof. Alister Holmes, who was constructing a survey of the historic Natchez Trace,as a result of a Congressional Act,which planned a picturesque drive  on the trace.(which was completed many years ago).
dated 1949, Charlton Hall, Fairfax County, Virginia.


He was Chaplain of the Texas Republic under Sam Houston. He was an early Methodist circuit rider.The horse was his method of transportation. One of his charges was 400 miles in size.

Rev.Tabor went to Texas c 1833; one of the early Methodist ministers to go there, he served as Chaplain of the Texas Republic under Sam Houston and was an ordained Elder in the Methodist Church in Texas. He and his brother Bevil Tabor were ordained in 1816,in the home of members in the Natchez, Mississippi district. Isaac was born in Claiborne,
County, Mississippi on the 4th day of April 1787.

He married  Susanna Bullock the 10th of March 1810 in Amite County, Mississippi,a daughter of William Bullock and Elizabeth Oliphant. Susanna Bullock of Franklin County, Georgia was born the 17th day of January 1792; she diedthe 16th of December in 1862. Isaac Tabor was the son of William U. Tabor and Louvenia Harmon;William was a native of New York and Louvenia of Suffold,Connecticut.

Isaac  Tabor died the  8th July 1860 and is buried in Prairie Lee Lockhart,  Caldwell,  Texas. Susanna was born the 17th of January 1792 and died in 1862; she is buried in Shepherd Hill Cemetery in Danville, Montgomery TX, where they lived.
Their children were :
Hudson born in 1820; Nathan S born in 1822; Nancy W ;   Minerva Angelina born in 1829 m. Peter Irvine; Elizabeth Catherine "Kitty"born in 1831married Benjamin Irvine ;Lavina H. born in 1833 married James W. Weiniger; Asbury born in MS in 1815 & lived in Mason County,Texas;Winifred born the 24th day of February 1811 in MS married Rev. Peter Warren Sandel in December of 1826;she died at the birth of her son Samuel Tabor,the 16th day September 1842 in Pike County,Mississippi. Rev. Sandel was one of the founders of the Muddy Springs Methodist Church in Magnolia, Mississippi .Membership in the Founders and Patriots of the Republic of Texas (page 179) are persons who have traced their lineage back to Isaac Tabor.   

Rev. Isaac Tabor's
James Harmon resided on Bayou Pierre in Claiborne, County,Mississippi in 1774. He was born in Suffield,
Connecticut on the 22 nd of September 1731, and died in Claiborne County,Mississippi on the 18th of
September 1819.He married Keziah Phelps in Suffield on the 6th December 1753.She was born in Simsbury. Connecticut on the 18th of February, 1732.
Hezekiah Harmon born the 22nd of June 1763 married Mercy Leonard .

Silence born the 26th of May 1754 married Elisha Flowers.

Roger Harmon born the 21st day,March1756 was killed by the Indians in 1774.

LOUVENIA born the 6th of June 1758 and married William U Tabor (Parents of Rev. Isaac Tabor).

Abial born the 11th day of November in 1760 married Josiah Flowers.

Erastus born the 20th day of April 1765 died the 1st day of November in 1766.

Erastus born the 12th day of April in 1767 and died in
October of 1774.

Membership in the First Families of Mississippi was established on Hezekiah Harmon.

From The Order of The First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817 Editor Charles Owen Johnson,published by Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 c 1981.

                            William Bullock

William Bullock ,a son of John Bullock and Mary Mitchell ,was born 1 March ,1764 and married Elizabeth Oliphant on 30 September 1784. She was born 29 October 1764. Four children born:
1. Winifred Bullock born 14 October 1785, married Nathaniel Sims, 31 July 1806.
2. Sally(Sarah) Bullock born 1 July 1787
3. James Bullock born 30 November 1789, married Mary Elizabeth Noble
4. Susannah Bullock born 17 January 1792 married Rev. Isaac Tabor 10 March 1810.
Elizabeth Oliphant Bullock died 24 June 1795 .
William Bullock married Spicey Bowman born in 1773 in South Carolina,thought to be the daughter of William and Sarah Bowman.
5. Edward Bullock born 27 August 1797, married (1)(2) Penelope Mc Morris (3) Mary--.
6. David Bullock born 20 February 1799 in Franklin County, GA.
7. John Bullock born 8 March 1807 married Mary
8. Elizabeth Bullock born 22 August 1803 Franklin County, GA
9. William Otis Bullock born 22 September 1805 married Sarah Aiken
10. Zachariah Bullock born 3 May 1809 m. Mary E. Lawrence. 10th of November or Mar. 1831
William Bullock moved to Franklin Co., GA about 1797 .He is found in deed records and tax rolls until 1808. Between 1808 and March 1810, they moved to Amite County, MS.The mother of many southern counties in MS. He was appointed overseer of the poorIn Abner ONeals district in Amite County(source Amite County, MS by Albert E. Casey, Vol. 1, pp. 6, 344) he was also appointed to fix the site for public buildings in Pike County, MS. He helped lay out the town of
Holmesville,MS He died September 1834.
(from Newspaper Notices of MS-1820-1860).

Source: William Bullock and His Descendants From Georgia to Texas by - by Mrs. Joe Ericson. Published in Records of Texas July 1969, Vol. 3, page 4.
The William Bullock found in the 1790 Census in Spartanburg SC is thought to be this William Bullock.
Rev.Isaac Tabor & Susannah Bullock married in Amite
County, MS 10 March 1810.
Some of the data above was from the Family Bible of William Bullock of Franklin County, Georgia published
in The Georgia Genealogical Magazine July 1968 No.29;this magazine published under the auspices of
Wiregrass Georgia, Sons of the American Revolution.

From Southern Kith and Kin, Vol. 4, A Record of My Childrens Ancestors,
Family Potpourri by Jewel Davis Scarborough . pp. 140-146:
pp. 144-145 William Bullock, in the above posting, was a son of John Bullock and Mary Mitchell. John Bullock, a Revolutionary Soldier was a son of Richard Bullock whose family is shown below as

1. Leonard Henly m. (1) Fannie Hawkins,17 November 1780.dgtr, if Philemon Hawkins; m. )2) Susannah Goodloe(nee Martin) August 16, 1766
2. . Zachariah Bullock did not marry, moved to South Carolina
3. Nathaniel Bullock married Mary Hawkins, 12 August , 1760, daughter of John Hawkins.
4. Colonel William Bullock married Elizabeth Lewis(nee Taylor)
6. Sarah Bullock married John Sims, brother of William Sims.
7. Agnes Bullock married (1) George Keeling, divorced; married (2)Judge John Williams.
8. Agatha Bullock, married John Nuckles.
9. Anna Bullock married Henry Vandyck
10. Susannah Bullock, married Williams Sims and moved to Georgia.
p. 146 of this same publication:Mrs. Scarborough gives the descent from Captain Hugh Bullock as follows:
1. Captain Hugh Bullock of York County, VA, born 1580 in England, died in England in 1650, m. Mary, HIS SON:
2. Richard Bullock and wife Mary, Surry County, VA, HIS SON:
3. RICHARD BULLOCK and wife Susannah, Prince William County, VA. HIS SON
4. RICHARD BULLOCK ,Granville County, NC, and wife, Ann Henly
Father of John Bullock above.

Captain Hugh Bullock
Richard Bullock
Richard Bullock
Richard Bullock
John Bullock m. Mary Mitchell

 Pastors of Bethany Baptist Church
Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi

1. John P. Martin 1820-1823
2. Norvell Robertson,Jr. 1834-1877
3. J. E. Pounds 1877
4. Zat Scarborough 1877
5. I.H. Anding 1877-1878
6. M.T. Martin 1879
7. A.A. Lomas 1880
8. R.W. Hall 1881-1882
9. T.S. Powell 1882-1886
10. F.D. Baars 1886-1887
11 R.E.L. Robinson 1887-1894
12. J.P. Williams 1895-1903
13. T.l. Moore 1904-1905
14. RI. OBryant 1906-1907
15. J.O. Buckley 1908
16. C.H. Mize 1909-1911
17. J.O. Buckley 1912-1924
18. B.E. Phillips 1925
19. R.W. Langham 1926
20. E.M. Stewart 1926
21. W.O. Carter 1927
22. W.R. Haynie 1928
23. J. B. Quinn 1929-1930
24. Ni. Lee 1931
25. James B. Herndon 1932-34
26. Solon Walker 1935-1941
27. Joe Hudson 1941-1944
28. Billie Stogner 1945-1946
29. Arthur Leslie 1947-1948
30. Harley W. Chaney 1948-1951
31. Stanley Smith 1953-1954
32. Wayne Reid 1954-1956
33. Guy Grey 1957-1960
34. L. C. Brown,Sr. 1960-1965
35. L. C. Anthony 1965-1969
36. Charles W. Gordon,Sr. 1969-1971
37. Byron McMullen 1972-1974
38. W.L. Ainsworth 1975-1977
39. Marty Evans 1978-1979
40. Danny Berry 1979-1985
41. Max Jones 1986-1988
42. Buddy Keyes 1988-1991
43. Mark Ferguson 1992-1993
44. Darren K. Wigington 1993

From: 175th Anniversary Booklet September 11, 1994 * J.E.Pounds & Zat Scarborugh served as associates to Rev.Norvel Robertson.

                          Rev. William M. Williams
Rev. Williams was born in Sampson county, North Carolina in 1805, the son of  John Holly Williams,
whose ancestors came into North Carolina in the early 1700's.His mothers' name is thought to be Rhoda Strickland. His family migrated to Lawrence County , Mississippi arriving there about 1813, after having stopped for a year to make a crop in Alabama. This was not considered out of the ordinary, for those migrating to another region. He was a member of the Pearl River association and is shown in the Pearl River Minutes published in 1860. He was often given the honor of being the main speaker at the conventions and was scheduled to speak on September 8th, 1860, when he died ,it appears suddenly. The meeting that year was at Silver Creek. His address at that time was Mount Carmel ,Mississipi.  He served Harmony Church in Covington County  from the organization of that church in 1840, having only missed an association meeting once during that time until 1860. Rev. Williams was referred to as being one of the strong men in the Pearl River Association.  In1845-1849 he is listed as the pastor of Harmony church located in Covington County at Mt.Carmel. In 1848, this church is shown as being in Lawrence county,    possibly a shift in county boundaries. Churches were smaller then, and often far apart, and we find him serving churches that numbered 105 in membership, which was the largest church.

From the History of Mississippi Baptists, page 151 we read,"In 1860 the death of William Williams was reported. The Association met that year at Silver Creek, Lawrence County, and William Williams was the appointee to preach the introductory sermon. He was "declared to have been a useful, and faithful preacher, and a man of wisdom in council. It is to be lamented that the Association failed to give a full obituary notice of this worthy man. His post office was at Mount Carmel. He represented Harmony Church, in Covington county, from the organization of that church in 1840, missing the association meetings only once in that span of years., before the year of his fatal illness. He held many positions of trust in the association, to the satisfaction of his co-laborers. One cannot but be impressed with the high form of manliness exhibited by him, and the power of grace he possessed." He also served the Strong River church in Simpson county. His family consisted of his wife Rebecca (Herrel?) born in 1811 in Kentucky; birth dates: Rhoda Ann 1832, Dicy Ann 1834; Sarah Ann 1838;Martha Ann 1841;William H. 1846;John Isaac 1847; Mary Amanda 1849; and Frank 1852. All of the children were born in Mississippi.

1.The Pearl River Minutes ,published in Mississippi Baptist Preachers by L.S.Foster, St. Louis,Missouri, National Baptist Publishing Company in 1895.

2.A Complete History of Mississippi Baptists from the Earliest Times by Z.T.Leavell and T.J. Bailey, Vol. 1, Mississippi Baptist Publishing Co.,Jackson, Ms., 1904.

3.Who Married Whom in Covington County, Ms. by JeanStrickland,Janet Smith, & Patricia N. Edwards 1991 page 185 (lists the family of Rev.William Williams)

                                David Day
He resided in Amite County, Mississippi in 1812. He was born in Georgia on the 20th of April 1787 and died in Copiah county, Mississippi on the 9th of October 1858.

Children of David and Mary Day were:

1. Mary Day born 20 March 1809, married Berry Wilder
2. Frances A. Day born 7 February 1811, married Samuel Dunn.
3. Lemneda K. Day born 22 November 1812, married Reuben Jackson.
4. Saletha R. Day born 14 November 1814.
5. Aaron B. Day born 14 January 1817, married Lydia G. Lofton
6. Zilpha Day born 6 January 1819, married John M. Mullens
7. Martha Ann Day, born 24, December 1821, married John J. Bridges
8. Eliza day, born 17 September 1824, married Parker Hays
9. Emily Day born 21 June 1826, married Walter Lee Price
10. Bluford B. day, born 29 December 1828 married Mary Williams. *
11. Adaline Day, born 20 December 1832.

From: The Order of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817 published by the Order of First Families, c 1981 by the Order of the First Families of Mississippi
1699-1817. Published for the society by Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. page 21

* Related to the Robert Nathan Williams family of
Lawrence County, Mississippi


                      EARLY BAPTIST MINISTER

                             RICHARD CURTIS

Richard Curtis resided in the Natchez District of Mississippi in 1781. Born in Virginia in 1723 he died in the Natchez District on the 10 October or November 1784. He married Phoebe Courtney Jones who was born in Onslow, NC.She was the widow of William Jones. Historical records reveal that he had come with his family on flat boat on the Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to the Natchez District in the year 1780.Both he and his son were Baptist ministers. Children born were: 1. Richard Curtis,Jr. m. Patty 2. Benjamin Curtis 3. Hannah Curtis m. John Courtney 4. Martha Curtis m. John Stampley 5. Jonathan Curtis b. 176-. Jemimah Curtis b. 1764 m. James Cole,Jr. 7. William Curtis.

Ref:The Order of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817 Edited by CharlesOwenJohnson.Publisher Edwards Bros.,Inc.,Arbor,Michigan. 48104. c1981.

                            John Myers Cemetery

Location: Lawrence County, Mississippi, east of New Hebron, on Lonas Buckleys place, near old Hebron Church at Choctaw Boundary Line, South. Sec.10,T.9, R. 19.
The following interesting information was obtained from an article on the old John Myers cemetery, written by Gerald Lord, which was in the August -1967 issue of the Clarion Ledger( a newspaper published in Jackson, Mississippi.)

"Buried in a deep, dark, secluded pine thicket in the rolling cattle country of south Mississippi, is an old family cemetery. Its weather worn tombstones, mute reminders of days long forgotten, are scarcely discernible in the underbrush.Buried there, too, is the storyof the glorious past of a big plantation hewed out of an unsettled wilderness by a well-to-do planter and his slave colony. Hannah Myers (born 1740) was the mother of John Myers, Sr. ( born 1775), who was one of two original settlers in what is now the new Hebron area, near the Jeff Davis-Lawrence County Line."

Three Myers brothers came in and settled the place right after it was opened up. One of the brothers died soon afterwards, and another one left, so that left only John Myers, Sr. The site of the Myers settlement was right in the heart of the Choctaw Indian Territory. The tribe must have been the Myers earliest neighbors, since the last Indian didnt leave until a century after the first white settlers moved in. There is supposedly an old Indian mound in the vicinity, but most of what is known about it is legendary. The great grandfather of Albert Slater (age 88 in 1967), now living in the area, was Thomas Bill Slater, the other original settler with John Myers, Sr. He helped John Myers build the old Hebron Church back in 1822. "

This was published in one of the Mississippi Genealogical Society, set of books usually issued annually for a number of years-no other information is available.It is thought to be one of the first volumes published.                         


Known Confederate Soldiers,In Our Family, who lost their lives in the Civil War: (County & State)

John Oliver Sandel(son of Rev.Peter Sandel)
Walker County, Texas
William B. Williams-Lawrence, MS

Josiah Williams-Lawrence, MS

John R Bridges -Lawrence, MS

Elijah Bridges -Lawrence, MS

James Rogers -Simpson, MS

Hiram Williams-Lawrence,MS

Newton Jordan Lawrence MS

Prisoners In The Civil War

Jame Lorenzo Manning Pike AL

Simeon Jordan MS

Civil War Soldiers, In our Family,
who died early,because of the
Civil War:

Walter Peterson- Neshoba, MS
Ållen Solomon Jordan-Copiah, MS


                          Rev.Elias Wesley Sandel,Sr.

                     November 5, 1917-October 29, 1997

These pages are dedicated to the memory of my late
husband. He was an ordained Elder of the United Methodist & Southern  Methodist  Churches in Louisiana,  Alabama and Mississippi for 30 + years. Also,a Veteran of World War II. He was a graduate of Northwestern,Natchitoches,La. BA;La.State University in Baton Rouge,ME;pastoral :SMU-Dallas, Texas 4 yrs Correspondence;Phd. work in History & Law,La State
University,Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Often a beloved school teacher,( public and private) in Louisiana, and Alabama. Always, a teacher of the Bible and an out-
standing speaker in the pulpit.

Mary E Sandel
December 25, 2001

Churches served:
Louisiana Methodist &Louisiana United Methodist:
Carpenters Chapel
Port Allen-Grand River
Port Allen-New Roads

Southern Methodist:
Huffman Southern Methodist Birmingham,Alabama
First Southern Methodist, Amite, Louisiana
First Southern Methodist, Summit, Mississippi

Also a author & co-author of eleven(11) Family Genealogy & Parish History Books.,including one on his four years overseas in World War II.



China Grove Methodist Church is located between Tylertown and Columbia in Walthall County, Mississippi. This building dates back to 1854.A log church preceeded it being built in 1822. It is built of heart pine,and has 80 feet long sills, with large wooden pegs and square nails, used in the construction of the pews.These epitaphs were copied from those headstones there.

1. Gone to be an angel !

2. Weep not father and mother for me, For I am waiting in heaven for thee.

3. We have parted,but not forever, But we have said our last farewell, Til we meet you dearest Luke, Where                         there is no farewell.

4. Sleep on dear father, And take thy rest, God called you home. He thought it best.

5. Remember friend,as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I, As I am now, so you will be, Prepare for death, and follow me.

6. Death is but a path That must be trod, If man is ever to pass to God.

7. He was faithful and true to his trust.



Name: John Monroe SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 26 November 1855 Huntsville, Walker county, Texas
Marriage Date/Place: 16 February 1882 Sabine Parish, Louisiana
Other Marriages:
Military Service:
Death Date/Place: 11 February 1933 Sabine Parish, La.
Father's Father(Name and Birthdate): William Fletcher SANDEL b. 19 November 1827
Father's Mother(Name and Birthdate): Mary Jane CONERLY b. 1836 Pike County, Ms.

Name: Laura Jane LEE
Birth Date/Place: 8 September 1867 Anacoco Vernon Parish, La.
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 24 April 1956 Sabine Parish, La.
Mother's Father (Name and Birthdate): Needham Brown LEE b. 2 August 1825 Pike County, Ms.
Mother's Mother (Name and Birthdate):Lydia Ansley ROGERS b 10 July, 1832 Warren County, Ga.

Name: Jesse Oliver SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 24 December 1882 Sabine Parish, La.
Spouse's Name: Alice PETERSON
Marriage Date/Place: 16 December 1914 Sabine Parish, La.
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 14 April 1970 Shreveport, La.

Name: Needham Fletcher SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 24 December 1884
Spouse's Name: Mamie BRIDGES
Marriage Date/Place:
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 18 December 1955 Florien Sabine Parish, La.

Name: Monroe Addison SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 14 October 1886 Sabine Parish, La.
Spouse's Name: Jesse Louise PRUITT
Marriage Date/Place:
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 10 February 1978 Florien, Sabine Parish, La.

Name: Lydia Jane SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 24 November 1888
Spouse's Name: Edward Ovie BRIDGES
Marriage Date/Place:
Other Marriages: Edward Henry BOLTON
Death Date/Place: 10 June 1963 Florien Sabine Parish, La.

Name: Cordelia Elizabeth SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 24 December 1890
Spouse's Name: Thomas Jesse CLAWSON
Marriage Date/Place:
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 25 November 1977 Florien Sabine Parish, La.

Name: Ella Susana SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 20 April 1893 Florien Sabine Parish La.
Spouse's Name: Owens Alexander BUSH
Marriage Date/Place: 28 January 1914
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 28 August 1971 Florien, Sabine Parish, La.

Name: Elias Wesley SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 3 October 1895
Spouse's Name: none
Marriage Date/Place: none
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 15 November 1915

Name: Emma Emaline SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: Sabine Parish, La.
Spouse's Name: Leo CURTIS
Marriage Date/Place: 13 September 1916
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place:

Name: Alice Ansley SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 11 December 1909
Spouse's Name: Odell CHISM
Marriage Date/Place: 23 December 1939
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 11 March 1969 Florien, Sabine Parish, La.

Name: Ira Warren SANDEL
Birth Date/Place: 1 September 1902 Sabine Parish, La.
Spouse's Name: Mabel WILLIAMS
Marriage Date/Place: 1925
Other Marriages:
Death Date/Place: 6 February 1998

Information Sources:
1. Deaths in Sabine Parish,from Records by Mrs.Knott,Many,La.DAR Society,included in book John Peter
Sandel and His Descendants, & Cullen Conerly & Their Allied Lines including Tynes,Warren,Tabor,Bullock,
Perkins, Wilkinson, Nobles,Lee, Ball & Felder. Including ten (10) Revolutionary Soldiers, 626 pp. by Elias
W. & Mary E.Sandel c July 214
2. Obituary notice Sabine Index page 213 ibid.
3. Marriages in Sabine Parish, by Mrs.Knott, Many DAR. page 211 ibid
4.1880 US Census Sabine Parish,La. Page 41 Wm. Fletcher Sandel family page 211, ibid
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6.1850 US Census,Simpson County, Ms. Page 128,Visit 128 Needham Lee family page 202, ibid &
1850 US Census,Simpson County, Ms. Page 305,Visit 305,James Rogers & Needham Lee family page 202,ibid

7. Obituary of Needham Brown Lee, From The Lee Family History by John W.Lee, page 34,page 203 ibid
8. Needham Brown Lee Bible Record, c 1832 From DAR Bible Records of La. pages 118-122,La.State
Library,page 196-200.ibid
9..1860 US Census, Walker County, Tx., Family 517 -Visit 524 , Wm. Fletcher Sandel



The Holy Bible

containing theOldandNewTestaments.Published by J.Emey & M. Waugh for the Methodist Episcopal Church at the Conference Office, 13 Crosby St., New York,N.Y.J.Collard, Printer 1832.

Needham Brown Lee, son of William Eli Lee and Sarah (Sallie) Lea was born August 2,, 1825 Pike County,MS.

Lydia Ansley Rogers daughter of James Rogers and Margaret Elizabeth Ansley was born July 10, 1832 in Georgia.


1.William Lee born July 8, 1851 Pike Ms Twins 2.Wesley Lee born July 6, 1851, Pike MS

3.James Elijah Lee born Aug. 1, 1854, Pike MS 4.Jeremiah Monroe Lee born May 29, 1856, Pike MS 5.Elias Brown Lee born October 18, 1858 Pike MS 6.Wiley Capers Lee born October 12, 1860 Pike MS 7.Needham Norvel Lee born December 26, 1864 Pike MS

8.John Wesley Lee born September 12, 1865 9.Laura Jane Lee born Aug. 8, 1867 Vernon Parish LA 10.Letha Ella Lee born May 24, 1871, Vernon Par, LA 11.Cullen Connerly Lee born Oct 29, 1872,Vernon Par LA

** Needham Brown Lee married Lydia Ansley Rogers October 20, 1849,Mendenhall, Simpson Co. MS Deaths:

Needham Brown Lee died May 23, 1914,Sabine Par LA Lydia Ansley Rogers Lee, wife of Needham Brown Lee,died Dec. 12, 1879,Sabine Par LA

Deaths of Children:

1.Wesley Lee(Twin) died 1853, Mississippi

2.James Elijah Lee died Dec. 30, 1940 Vernon Parish LA Wife (1) Mary Emaline Conerly Lee died (2) Cordelia Sanders Lee died-- (3) Mary Cornelia Bush Lee died Feb 24, 1960 Jeremiah Monroe Lee died May 14, 1936 3.Emaline Sibley Lee died November 20,1945

4.Elias Brown Lee died Nov. 14, 1948

5.Penelope Pennella (Penny) Lee died April 23, 1932 6.Wiley Capers Lee died Nov. 21, 1943 Wife: (1) Emaline Clementine Conerly died Mar 6,1882 (2) Nancy Buvena Hughes Lee died Sept. 5,1936 7.Needham Norval Lee died July 9, 1932 Artie Corley Miller Lee died Dec. 3, 1928

8.John Wesley Lee died 1896

9.Laura Jane Lee Sandel died April 24, 1956

10.John Monroe Sandel died Sept. 17, 1933

11.Letha Ella Lee Sanders died March-1916 12.Robert Sanders died March 29, 1948

13.Cullen Conerly Lee died March 24,1967 Wife (1) Rachel Elizabeth Anderson Lee died Sept.30,1931 (2) Harriet Dowden Lee died Sept. 15, 1967


Early Settler in South Carolina


John Peter Sandel was born c 1723;he was in the Charleston, South Carolina harbor December 11, 1752. The ship had sailed from Rotterdam,with a stop in Cowes,England prior to sailing for America. John Peter Sandel had his wife Magdalena  with him and one child. This family settled in what was theOrangeburg District, of South Carolina; this was a large area, and not Orangeburg County, as it exists today. John Peter Sandel died c 1783; his burial place or that of his family is not known; however, many families buried their loved ones on their plantations, or near their homes. We are fortunate in that this family were members of Rev. John Gissendanner's church in early Orangeburg, and records have survived and are produced in The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina, by A.S. Salley. This volume is in many libraries and even available for sale in many states today. In this book, we are able to ascertain their children. Children born to this couple were: John Peter II born in 1752; George Henry born in 1755;Elizabeth born in 1758; Catharina Margaret born 1759;  these four are in the book named above and were christened by Rev. John Gissendanner. The next four children Anna Maria born 1763;  Maria Elizabeth born 1766; Regina born 1768 and Maria Magdalene born 1770; were all christened at St. John's Lutheran Church in Charleston,South Carolina and records of these christenings were found in microfilm held by the Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah. The couple ,John Peter Sandel and his wife Magdalene, were recipients of fifty acres of land, when they arrived in South Carolina, but eventually had about 10,000 acres of land awarded to them in grants. During the American Revolution ,they were able to give large amounts of forage for the troops, which later they were paid for, by the English government. England was in control of this area for most of their lives there.   Though membership has been established in the Daughters of the American Revolution, the two sons: John Peter II and George Henry Sandel were Loyalists and served in this capacity during the Revolution. Loyalists of course were those persons, who continued to have allegiance to England. Some of the finer more honorable and distinguished persons did bear the name of Loyalists. Since they lost in the war,  many had their land confiscated. John Peter II was killed during the War and money was paid his widow Susan, afterwards. George Henry Sandel left South Carolina and moved to Pike County, Mississippi, which was at that time, still in Amite County-the mother of many southeastern counties of Mississippi. George Henry Sandel was married to Catherine Nobles and their daughter Elizabeth married John Felder, son of Peter Felder, a Revolutionary Soldier; John Felder distinguished himself, as a very devout and consecrated man, and the John Felder Methodist Campground and Camp meeting held annually at Summit, Mississippi is still active and named in his honor References: Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War by Murtie June Clark ,volume 1,Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, c 1981.pp. 202,209 The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina by A.S.Salley,April 1,1898. privatelypublished.Reprintsavailable.pp151,156,161,179,187,  188. The Descendants of John Peter Sandel, Immigrant and Cullen Connerly- Revolutionary Soldier, with allied lines : Fleming Tynes,John Warren,William Bullock,Lea,Lee,Nobles, Wilkinson,Tabor,Herring & Rev.Elias Wesley Sandel & Mary E Sandel.,c July 1985,628 pp.Privately published.Many references to the John Peter Sandel & Family are in this book.


page 320,321,322 Diamond Jublilee. 1965. Vol. 2, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.Compiler Mrs. Wm. R.(Nancy Randolph),Starkville Publishing co. 1965. 276 pp.                           

                              John Warren

b. Craven Co.,S.C. 18 Dec. 1752, son of John & Martha Dubose Warren. d. Marion Co., MS 22 May 1821. Buried near the Old Ford Place. m. 25 Jan 1773; Elizabeth Rebecca Perkins b. 5 April 1757, d. 22 July 1811. dau. of Rees & Elizabeth Perkins, sister of Col. Lewis Perkins.Res: Liberty Co., GA.

Service: He was Capt. in Col. John Thomas; Co. 6th Ga Regt.c 1810. He soon moved to Sandy Hook, Marion Co., MS.


1. Curtis Jesse b. 22 Jan. 1774, d. 24 Feb. 1812
           (a) Ira m. Anise....
           (b)Jesse m. Sophia McGlothian
           (c)Rebecca b. Feb. 1807, d. 24 Feb. 1880 m. Liberty  Warren b. 7 May 1802, d. 11 Jan. 1874.
           (d)Sophia m. Huston Stegner, son of Thomas &
Philena (Magee) Stegner
(e)John Ira. m. Lizzie Pittman, dau of Henry & Jeanette (Ball) Pittman
           (f)Mattie m. Oscar Knight
  (g)Josie m. Mace Corley

2.John (Jack) b. 18 Nov. 1776, d. 17 Dec. 1850 unm.
3.Samuel b. 6 Nov. 1779, d. Feb. 1819 m.
     (a)Liberty b. 7 May 1802, d. 11 Jan. 1874
 m. Rebecca Warren, dau of Jesse Warren
4. Elizabeth b. 25 Jan. 1783, d. 1 Dec. 1816
 m. 6 Nov. 1800 Sampson Edward Ball b. 29 Sept.    1779,d. 1 Sept. 1829
(He came from Va., and was a nephew of Mary Ball, mother of George Washington)
          (a)Jesse Ball b. 11 Nov. 1808, d. 3 Mar. 1880
           m. (1) Eliza Conerly
                 (2) Cynthia Alford
                 (3) Mary Newman b. 21 Nov. 1824, d. 5 Nov.                       1903
 (b) Eliza Ball m. Hugh Lewis
          (c) Rebecca Ball m. James Jordan
(d)Daniel Ball m. Emily Conerly
          (e)Warren Ball m. Polly Rester
(f)Liberty Ball m. Eliza Thigpen

5.Elias b. 5 Jan. 1785, d. 9 May 1790
6.Jane b. 14 Sept. 1786, d. 21 June 1859
m. (1) Fleming Tynes, (2) 1829, Willis Magee
7.Ann b. 5 July 1791, d. 15 Nov. 1792
8.Daniel Rees b. 8 April 1793, d. 15 Feb. 1841 m. Martha Seale b. 23 Jan. 1803, d. 15 Aug.1859 dau. of Joshua & Eleanor Seale
         (a)William Colson b. 3 Sept. 1823, d. 19 Nov.1895 m. 31 Oct. 1847, Annie Wilmuth Smith of Louisiana b. 21 June 1825, d. 9 Aug. 1869
         (b)John Curtis b. 22 May 1822, d. 30 June 1822
(c)James B. 22 Feb. 1825, d. 31 Dec. 1862
              m. Rebecca Smith
         (d) Eliza E. b. 18 Nov. 1826, d. 23 July 1895
                m.-- Richardson
         (e) Martha J. b. 4 Feb. 1830, d. 2 Jan. 1910 m.(1)                 Jefferson Roberts (2) Hardy Richardson
          (f) Daniel Rees, Jr. b. 26 Feb. 1832, d. 31 Oct.                1898 m. Sarah Manning
         (g) Samuel J. b. 10 Feb. 1834, d. 13 Feb. 1907
         (h) Mary Ann E. b. 4 Dec. 1835, d. 10 Sept. 1910
               m. John ard.
          (i) Sarah Ann L. b. 18 Nov. 1837, d. 5 Aug. 1922
               m. Joseph Ford
          (j) Elizabeth C.P. b. 23 Feb. 1840, d. 2 Dec. 1840
9. Martha b. 19 Mar. 1796, d. 8 Nov. 1875 m. William M. Rankin b. 14 Dec. 1792, d. 23 July 1862
         (a) Eliza Lettia Rankin m. John Ford
         (b) William James Rankin b. 20 Nov. 1822, d. 18
Jan. 1863 m. Linnie Ann Harvey b. 1 Jan. 1824, d. 21 July 1886
         (c) Mary Jane Rankin b. 9 Jan. 1825, d. 12 Aug.               1836
         (d) Martha Roberts Rankin m. James Ard
         (e) John Warren Rankin m. Mary Jane Fenn
         (f) George Washington Rankin m. Ann Fenn
(g) Harriet Emily Rankin m. Dr. Henry Johnson
         (h) Elizabeth Ann Rankin m. Jacob Barnes
(i) Laura(Louise?) Adline Rankinm. (1) Ivan              Dennison, (2) Robert Patten
         (j) Thomas Jesse Rankin m. Sarah Caroline              Ford dau of Solomon & Clarissa (Pope) Ford
        (k) Samuel Edward Rankin m. Mary Ann Ford
dau. of Soloman & Sallie (Pope) Ford
Family Records-Mississippi Revolutionary Soldiers
State Officers Appointments Part I, Com. B ook B. Dept. A.& H. Atlanta Ga.
Records Prince Frederick Parish, Craven Co., S.C.
Records Liberty Co. Ga. Marion and Amite Cos. Miss
Knights Roster Ga. People Smith p 629
Records Mrs. Charles L. Sarrazin
Research Mrs. Joe W. Baxter, Mississippi City, MS
D. A. R. Line accepted Sept. 1951

Note: Martha Dubose Warrens lineage goes back to Isaac Dubose and Suzanne Couillandeau Huguenots from France, in South Carolina by 1659.The New York
Society of Huguenots has this in their publications.


                        CULLEN CONNERLY

                    REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER

Conerly, Cullen born about 1745 probably in Johnston County, North Carolina, died after November 11, 1811, in Duplin County, North Carolina. He married Felicia,Telisha or Letita Ward, who died November 11, 1811 in Duplin County. She is thought to be the daughter of Turner Ward and Socretia--.a Choctaw Indian according to The Wiikinson Genealogy by M.M.

Wilkinson Shelby Book Store, Shelby MS. 1939 . p. 101

Service: Private, North Carolina Militia


1. Owen born August 27, 1777 married Mrs. Mary Wilkinson Russell

2.Luke married rebecca Wilkinson

3. John married Susannah Newton

4. Frances (Fanny) married (1) Cullen Duncan (2) Elijah Turnage.

5. Polly married Jessie Guy and or/ William Bennett

6. Chelly married____Blunt,Blount of Covington County, Mississippi

7. Betsy married Isaac Newton of Lawrence County, Mississippi

8. Susan married _______Page

9. William

10. Tabitha married ___ Lanes


    Faye Franklin Franklin No. 497768 ,Marian Franklin Golmis No. 575408, Mattie Leach Bennett No. 515573, Lores Leach Carlton No.522353, Ann Carlton Walker No. 533890 


From: Texas Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol. 1, Roster of Revolutionary   Ancestors. (A Four Volume Set)

Conerly, Cullen: 1745-1811; North Carolina m. Felisa ( Letticia).

Ch: John m. Susan Newton; Owen m. Mrs. Mary Wilkinson Russell;William;Luke m. Rebecca Wilkinson, Polly m. Guy Bennett; Tabetha m. Mr. LanesFrances m. Mr. Dunkin(duncan); Susan m. Mr. Page; Chelly m. Mr. Blount; Betsy m. Isaac Newton. DESC: Mrs. Helen Rimes Rutledge

From: Mississippi Ancestors--Parks page 53

Brown Book, Turning

P.O. Box 707, Roseland,La. 70456


                BOOKS-GENEALOGY & LOCALE 1.htm

1. The Williams Family of Lawrence County,Lincoln County,Copiah County,Covington County and Jefferson Davis County,MS ( The John Holly Williams book put out in 1988 is being revised).

Scotland) AND CULBRETH (Scotland),copies of documents,John Holly Williams b. 1767,who came to Lawrence MS c 1819: copies of his land purchases in 1826,1836,from Augusta Land Office. Censuses.

Allied families Bridges,Boyington,Jordan, Material from the Mississippi Baptist Convention on Rev. William M Williams noted Baptist minister in Pearl River & Strong River associations,pages from their conference books,

113 pp. updated. 6 pp bibliography,General and Williams Family Index, $32.50 shipping included.

2. The John T. Jackson family SC to Pike,AL &Holmes,FL $24.50

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John Felder home-picture. $20.00 (Reviewed in Damon Veach La Genealogy Column 10-29-2001)

4. John Warren Revolutionary Soldier &Huguenot Descendant (Dubose & Couillandeau) to SC in 1650's. Picture of John Warren Sr. DAR Tombstone in Marion County, MS $21.00 (Reviewed in Damon Veach LA. genealogy column June 16, 2001)

5. Wm.Hampton Manning family NC to Pike AL-Jackson family. Civil War Papers on Mannings. $30.00.

6. From Italy to Tangipahoa Parish, LA from 1910
Census .Entire Family included and in some cases the place of origin and naturalization. $27.50

7. Henry Touchtone Family-Barnwell SC to Lowdnes,GA $20.00

8. John Peter Sandel immigrant 1752/Cullen Connerly Rev.Sold.Tabor,Tynes,Warren,Wilkinson . Huguenot connection. 4 Revolutionary Soldiers. 626pp.allied families. $60.00 ( 3 weeks to ship)

Locale Books:

1. Early Sabine Parish,LA,1850 census,Confederate pensioners postoffice and military nos. $27.50
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2. Bainbridge County MS 1823 census(lasted 1 yr.) $10.00 (Reviewed in Damon Veach genealogy column
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